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Trend Report–Week of 8/14/2015: French Kiss

It’s hard to imagine a shift in the love for man’s best friend. Of course Marnie the Shih Tzu, Doug the Pug, and Boo the Pomeranian will always have a spot in our heart, but French Bulldogs are finding a new spot in our Instagram and Tumblr feeds.

With a face slightly less squarshed than pugs, and ears as perky as their attitudes, French Bulldogs are gaining popularity as this year’s new hot dog. These happy dopes are friendly with strangers and compact in train cars—making them great city dogs for bachelorettes and families alike. A man brings his Frenchie into the retail store I work in at least once a week, and she (Miss Coco Chanel) is the happiest dog I have ever met, always eager to be rubbed and excited to be canoodled, but never disturbs customers who are uninterested; it is easy to understand their appeal to new dog owners in a city settings.

If being a pet owner is beyond your capabilities at the moment, “I <3 French Bulldogs” merchandise is becoming available at a number of retailers at an affordable price. Here are some of my Frenchie accounts and merch picks so you can get your personal fix:

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