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Trend Report–Week of 8/21/2015: Denim Dress

It is August of the year 2015. Back to school is right around the corner, and your go to denim button up shirt from 2010 has officially faded beyond recognition. You’re running out of first day #OOTD options, and you’re panicking. But fear not! While there is no sign of the denim on denim look fading, a new opportunity has arrived. The denim dress is the most versatile piece to add to your closet this fall season.

With temperatures still hanging onto the 90s for those first few weeks of September, a loosefitting, denim dress is perfectly paired with your summer platform sandals and floppy hat giving off an illusion of effortless cool to properly impress your new classmates. Once the temperature starts to drop to the point where iced coffee needs to be reconsidered, pairing your dress with knit tights and your favorite blanket scarf from last fall will keep you looking cool while staying warm due to the heavy weight of denim fabric.

Denim dresses look great with all body types, and come in a wide range of weights and silhouettes—so no one feels like a walking catalog cutout. I prefer a denim dress with straps resembling my childhood overalls, but the long sleeve shirtdress, or A-line silhouette are also styles to look out for.

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