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WIWT: First Week of Classes

For the first week of classes at FIT, dressing to impress is mandatory. It is the first opportunity to make a good impression on your peers, who are deciding if you look intelligent enough to be partners for the end of semester Term Project, and on your professors, some of whom are industry professionals, and constantly looking for a new assistant. With that being said, it is key to avoid over dressing—it’s a classroom, not an editorial shoot for Harper’s Bazaar. If someone shows up the first week in full hair and makeup, Valentino Rockstud Heels, carrying a Mansur Garviel tote bag, and the rest of the semester hair is up, eyeliner is smudged, and their Valentinos got switched out for Vans, it sends out bad vibes. The first day/week of classes allow you to put the best version of yourself front and center, not what Anna Wintour wants you to be.

This semester, I am taking five classes spread out over three days. For the first day of classes on Monday, I wore a black A-line dress with a high collar and a pleated back, paired with my shiniest black flats. I curled my hair and slapped on some foundation, but kept the eye makeup natural. On Tuesday, I wore a black skater skirt, structured crop top, and fringe ankle boots. My hair was in a top bun, which is my favorite “second day hair” style. On Wednesday, I wore a chambray button up over a black romper with pony hair ankle boots; I touched up my side bangs with a blow dryer that morning. Throughout the week I looked polished and authentic: I kept my personal style in mind without going beyond what my classmates will see me in for the next fourteen weeks. I did not get my picture taken for Women’s Wear Daily, but my mom’s Facebook friends were thoroughly impressed, and that’s more than enough for me. Here’s to a fabulous Junior Year!

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