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WIWT: NYFW Peacocking

Finding the perfect “This is my casual look. I literally look like this every day. Follow for more,” outfit for fashion week peacocking involves spending a lot of time in dressing rooms convincing yourself that dress is a flattering color for your complexion and appropriate length for your body type. Posing like a typical “model off duty” for your boyfriend holding your iPhone involves making a lot of weird, semi provocative faces in your bathroom mirror. But getting photographed by someone with a camera whose lens is the length of your forearm involves so much more.

From my three years standing outside of fashion week shows pretending I was waiting to be escorted into the tents by Andre Leon Tally himself, I have learned that in order to make it onto the street style websites you need to be colorful, original, and know your audience. With dark dressed volunteers constantly sashaying in and out of shows, wearing all black, no matter how voluminous and asymmetrical, will blend you into the background of the worker bees. Instead, wearing bright colors or metallics will make you stand out as the queen. The photographers snapping pictures are looking for the outfits they haven’t already seen on Zara’s website. If you’re at a point in your life where your rent costs the same as this season’s hottest bag, opting for a never before seen $20 dress from the local thrift store is your best bet. With this in mind, wearing an outfit that matches the viewpoint of the designer you are peacocking for can help you stand out while still looking like you’re a part of the crowd.

Between class and work, I couldn’t show up and show out at EVERY show this week, so I decided the dress I bought a couple of weeks ago would look the best with the aesthetic of theJeremy Scott crowd. For an average day at FIT, my bright, vintage inspired dress would enough to make heads turn; but for fashion week, it is all or nothing. I paired my mini dress with black thigh high boots, and since my dress was long sleeved, it looked polished instead of provocative. I topped off my look with 1960s inspired makeup and my favorite top bun to show off my jaw line. I got my picture taken more so than in previous years, but I am certainly nowhere near Man Repeller status.

#nyfw #vintagedress #wiwt #fall2015 #kneehighboots

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