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Life Update: Fall Internship

Happy Monday everyone! I haven’t been posting recently because the past couple of weeks have been crazy! I am so excited to report that I am the new intern for the Visual Merchandising department at Tory Burch. I have to admit I am still not sure “what I want to be when I grow up,” but I know visual merchandising is a step in the right direction towards a happy future. My first day was last Tuesday September 22nd, and I am at Tory Burch three days per week.

Here is everything I have learned about the corporate fashion world in my first three days:

  • There are mirrors everywhere—In the hallways, in the elevators, lining the bathroom—as a constant reminder that you are not the Tory Burch herself

  • Everyone acts like you are perfect and cute and competent, but starting out they will give you menial tasks to check that you are a normally functioning human being

  • The higher your position in a company, the higher you’re heel is

  • Tory Burch doesn’t look a day over 36, even in person.

  • Sneakers and ripped denim have officially entered the work place BUT ONLY IF YOU WEAR A FULL FACE OF MAKEUP AND DO YOUR HAIR

  • Taking a 3:30pm coffee run is allowed and necessary

  • If your bag isn’t from Tory Burch, it should cost the same as your entire first paycheck (interns excluded)

  • Your supervisor still asks if you’re ready for a new task and if things are getting too crazy for you (see functioning human bullet)

  • “You’re wearing a blazer? I didn’t know this was a bank”

  • Printers are hard

All in all, I love the company’s open, friendly culture, and I can’t wait to see where this opportunity takes me. Special shout out to my good friend Brian, Tory Burch’s Licensing intern, who helped me land the interview, I still owe you lunch!

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