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WIWT: Better Than Cable

I love incorporating masculine elements into my outfits: a crisp button up under a fitted sweater makes me look straight out of a Brooks Brothers catalog, which I love. Recently, I have been switching out the skinny jeans in my closet in favor of different trousers in neutral tones; I have found trousers feel less constricting on my legs and flatter my small waist, and buying them in shades of black, navy, and khaki make them easy to incorporate into my wardrobe.

Today’s outfit is my favorite from this season so far. I layered my favorite olive peg leg trousers with a denim button up, and off white cable knit sweater—I am definitely feeling the #SweaterWeather. This outfit formula will definitely my go to silhouette for Fall and Winter. When the harsh winter wind picks up in Manhattan, I can easily pair this look with a big scarf, and hide an extra T-Shirt and a pair of leggings underneath for extra warmth.

The light denim goes really nicely with the off white of my sweater, and pairing it with darker colored pants balances it out. My patterned oxfords were the outfit’s “wow factor,” and gives the outfit its personality. I always think it is important for an outfit to have texture and dimension, and the subtle, classic cable knit in the sweater gives the look just that.

#wiwt #olivepants #cableknitsweater #denimshirt #fall2015

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