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Trend Report–Week of 11/6/2015: Wrapped in my Cocoon

It’s crazy to think I was just writing about ways to transition your summer clothes into fall, and now it’s time to start thinking about the winter coat. October is the best time to start shopping for winter coats stores are starting to bring out their winter styles, and you have time to shop around and compare styles and prices before the temperature makes shopping more urgent. Masculine shapes and simple furnishings are key components of outerwear this season, made out of shearling or wool.

Oversized shapes with few buttons and zippers makes this coat a great outer layer in the cold months to come; they have lots of room underneath to layer your chunky sweaters and your favorite blanket scarf from last year. Getting a coat in a fun pastel or camel color can make any winter outfit look polished and chic, and it won’t get lost in your closet next to your tried and true black pea coat. What I love about this style is the masculine lapel, and straight cut makes me feel extra cozy—like I am wearing a regal robe.

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