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WIWT: The New Work Uniform

There have been many articles recently about the life benefits of a capsule wardrobe; they all focus on having a small closet where everything goes together, making the decision of “what do I wear today?” smoother than ever before. Working at Tory Burch for about a month and a half now, I’ve noticed the day to day wardrobe of the powerful ladies of corporate retail have a common theme: dark wash denim, tailored blazers, and a versatile blouse. I have seen this standard outfit worn with strappy stilettos, stacked ankle boots, and Stan Smith’s—they all pull this outfit together, while giving it personality.

For this past week’s “not so casual Friday”, I put my own spin on the corporate fashion uniform. I wore my black blazer and dark wash denim with a Lacoste black polo, and white sneakers. I curled my hair in fear of my jeans and sneakers feeling too casual, and to spice things up I threw on a pair of houndstooth socks (which my supervisor complimented!).

#wiwt #darkwashjeans #whitesneakers #blackblazer #fall2015

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