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WIWT: Bum Chic Bum Genre

My lavish, super posh Manhattan Sundays consist of eating peanut butter from Whole Foods out of the jar, binge watching Aziz Ansari’s new comedy: Masters of None, and configuring Microsoft Access for my Monday morning class. I am the type of person that cannot get housework or homework done in pajamas or sweat pants, and when I leave my house around 2pm for a tall Pike Roast from the Starbucks down the street, I prefer to look somewhat presentable.

My “Day Off” clothes consist of things that are comfortable, but put together enough in case someone decides to invite me to try a new burger place with them. Thin cotton sweaters allow mobility within my coziness, wool pants with a waistband are a slight step up from ultra-casual leggings, and “fashion sneakers” let everyone at Starbucks know that I am NOT going to New York Sports Club after this to work on my obliques. As far as hair and makeup goes, I always try to leave the house with some mascara and cover up on, but that’s about it; and I like tying a scarf around my sloppy bun for a hint of 1940s glamour.

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