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WIWT: Thanksgiving 2015

Thanksgiving is the time of year to find out your cousins are continuing to slightly one-up you, show off your boyfriend’s baking skills, and discover if you have finally aged out of the kids table (Spoiler Alert: I haven’t). Turkey makes you sleepy and mashed potatoes make you bloated, so a Thanksgiving outfit needs to be both “on point” to show off your hip college girl style to aunts and uncles, and comfy enough for the 7pm power nap before Black Friday madness. Thanksgiving #ootds are the pinnacle of fall fashion: it’s not time to break out the Christmas jewels, but it’s still more upscale than October’s pumpkin picking.

This year, I am channeling Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. A scene begins in her recently renovated apartment, with Audrey cooking a meal for her new fiancé, and ends with her being hastily escorted downtown and mixed up in some organized crime. Through it all, Audrey looks effortlessly glamorous and total housewife material. For America’s favorite Thursday, I am stealing Audrey’s classic cowl neck sweater, cropped trousers, and easy hairdo replicating her Hot Stay-at-Home Mom style.

#wiwt #fall2015 #blackpants #whiteturtleneck #styleicon

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