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Trend Report–Week of 11/27/2015: The Gisele Effect

Okay. It’s time we had a chat about those goddamn Stuart Weitzman boots. You know what I am talking about. They retail for $655, look adorable with black patterned tights, and Taylor Swift’s white girl army can’t stop being photographed in them. Ever since Gisele pranced around a black and white room in August, these over the knee boots have been the only thing trend websites deem worthy of talking about. Rightfully so; they are cute as hell. And since this Fall has been unusually warm, they are a practical substitution for pants. While I may want the Stuart Weitzman boots with a 3” heel, I rarely wear skirts or dresses anymore…so the $800 boots will continue to sit idly in my shopping cart.

#trendreport #fall2015 #kneehighboots

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