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Life Update: I Am My Hair

Even though I still can’t order a glass of Chardonnay at dinner, I think being twenty rocks. I can do things like chop off eight inches of hair knowing that it won’t have a truly negative effect on my life. If I cut my hair and hate it, it would grow back and I would consider it a silly college decision. If I love it, then the pixie cut would be the hairdo that would carry me into my post college career. Since you can’t hide facial expressions behind your hair, a pixie cut automatically makes you look strong and independent. In New York City, naturally coming off as confident is the only way to properly get the attention of peers and command a room of new acquaintances.

To erase any feelings of doubt, I arranged a mini photoshoot with Caroline Habib, a friend from high school. Laughing out my insecurities to a camera was the perfect way to get comfortable with my new hairdo, and having someone know how to capture my best angles was a nice way to reaffirm my decision. Here's to many more #ootds and #selfies showing off my super fly, Peter Pan hairstyle!


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