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WIWT: How to Date Yourself

Throughout my crazy life in Manhattan, I try to make “treating myself” as much of a priority as my bank account will allow. When I can’t afford to treat myself with a mani pedi or new pair of flats, I like to take myself out and have a nice personal day. I’ll go to a new coffee shop, start a new book on my Kindle Fire, and/or go to a part of the Met Museum that I’ve never explored before. This allows me to clear my head of the past week’s worries and rejuvenate myself for the hectic Monday ahead.

When I take myself out, I like to keep it comfy and relaxed. A laid-back turtleneck, soft jeans, and big scarf are a nice change from the silk blouses and woven pants I am bounded by during the week at my internship. I still like to put on some blush and low heels because I like to dress up (it is a date after all). Dressing up for myself keeps me feeling confident with my self-image, and exploring on my own helps me maintain a flow of original thought.

#wiwt #skinnyjeans #winter2016 #valentinobooties #tancoat

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