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WIWT: New Classes, New Cardigans

Welcome back FIT kids! I hope you all enjoyed your Disney World vacations! (Seriously though, it seems like half of the people I am friends with on Facebook went to Disney World last month). While we were snowed in last weekend, we had some time to decide how we want to dress to impress our new classmates and professors this week. For more detail on the perfect First Day of Classes outfit, check out my post from August.

For spring semester, dressing to impress is a little less urgent: there was less of a break for everyone to get excited about campus again, and the dropped temperatures call for more practical outfits. Within these limitations, it is still possible to put your best face forward.

This semester, I am taking five classes over two days: Monday and Wednesday. On Monday, I felt like a teacher’s pet with my preppy button up and sleeveless turtleneck. I opted for flats for the sake of comfort, but keeping my hair and makeup neat so I still felt fresh. On Wednesday, wore a simple grey dress with multiple monochromatic layers, and my black thigh high boots. It’s always hard to judge how warm or cold the classrooms will be in the winter, so bringing an extra sweater and a cute overcoat ensures that I look pulled together no matter how close I sit to the windows. Here’s to another semester of late night studying and early morning outfit pictures.

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