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WIWT: My Favorite T-Shirt

It is hard to imagine in the season of sweater dresses, blanket scarves, and wool lined gloves I would actively choose to wear a T-shirt. Finding the perfect T-shirt for all types of weather is definitely a journey, but the end result can be life changing. T-shirts made of 100% cotton are ideal because they are always soft, breathable in the summer, and insulating in the winter. I like this Comme Des Garcons PLAY T-shirt because the fit is perfect for my small frame without it being too form fitting. The doodle design under the stripes makes it more unique than a standard Breton stripe, and the blue and navy make it easy to wear with jeans and a blazer for work.

Today I am wearing this T-shirt with my favorite black pants and white Nike sneakers. My only plans are finishing my Microeconomics homework and going grocery shopping, and this is the perfect “effortless chic” outfit to get me through a Sunday. Tucking in the shirt and cuffing the pants are little techniques that make me look more stylish and show off my figure, and they are instant outfit booster I will always recommend.

#wiwt #winter2016 #playtshirt #blackpants #whitesneakers

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