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WIWT: Valentine’s Day Special

Even when I was celebrating single, I have always liked the idea of Valentine’s Day. It is a nice excuse to go out of your way to show affection for the people you care about, and eat fancy chocolate. This year for Valentine’s Day, my boyfriend and I decided to leave the status quo of Central Park romance and explore Brooklyn for 24 hours. We went to dinner last night, got a hotel by Sunset Park, and then celebrated our happiness with bottomless mimosas and spicy home fries in Park Slope the next morning. As Dean Martin would say, I’ve got my boyfriends love to keep me warm, so despite the cold we enjoyed exploring the brownstones and shops by Union St.

For dinner, I pulled out one of my favorite pink dresses and showed off my new faux fur jacket. Tonight was my night to feel like a princess with her prince, so I wore tights and my new heels from Zara and tried my best to ignore the cold.

For brunch the next morning, I toned down my look with a simple black dress and maroon cardigan, but I kept the heels and lipstick. All around, the weather kind of stunk, but the food was nice and the company was better.

#wiwt #winter2016 #blackheels #marooncardigan #blackfur #valentinesday

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