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WIWT: 4 Days, 4 Outfits, 1 Leather Jacket

I make no exaggeration when say that I have been on a quest to find a perfect leather jacket since Bush Jr. was in office. Although my journey has been long and treacherous, the destination made it all worth it. Earlier this month, I fell in love with this Maje leather jacket I found at the Buffalo Exchange in Chelsea. The fit was impeccable, and it was brought in New With Tags—I had no other choice.

I love how the leather is not a jet black, and that the hardware is not shiny and over embellishing. I love the shearling collar detail, and I love even more that it is detachable. I am so in love with this jacket, I wanted to wear it every day this week! … So I did. Here are four different ways to wear a leather jacket this week:

I am obligated to leave my apartment Monday through Thursday, so those are the days I put more thought into my appearance. Two of those days I am in class, and two I am at my internship. For my first day of classes this week, I showed my school spirit with an FIT sweatshirt. White sneakers made me look trendy, and leggings with leather details kept the outfit casual. On the second day of classes, I wore a concert t-shirt and blue jeans with black ankle boots. I took the idea of the classic James Dean look of jeans, a white t-shirt and leather jacket, and added personal flare with my Taylor Swift Polaroid shirt and pink sunglasses.

For work, I wore one of my favorite shirts from J.Crew and dark wash jeans. My favorite detail was the fringe on my ankle boots, which I think complimented the edge of my leather jacket. Later in the week, I wore an all black outfit with leopard details in the shoes. An all black outfit with skinny jeans and a leather jacket is the go to formula for New York City girls, so I felt right at home walking around Bryant Park during my lunch hour. If I am being honest, I’ll be wearing my new jacket every day for many weeks to come, and I have no shame in that.

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