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Trend Report–Week of 2/26/16: Collar Full

The posh city girl appreciates the investment of a fur or a quality faux, and considers the caveman’s blanket a wardrobe staple. Some ladies aren’t ready to drop some serious cash on a floor length fox coat and can’t handle the pressure of it possibly becoming outdated in two years, and why should they be punished for feeling frugal? The fur collar is the smartest wardrobe investment to make this winter.

Whether it’s a neutral that you can pair with any jacket, or a multicolored fluff that stands out, a fur collar is a great way to stay warm and stay chic during the blustery winter months. A tri-colored brown fur looks great against almost any sweater or cocoon coat, but finding a fur that matches your go-to winter coat will definitely catch the eye of a seasoned Upper East Side dame.

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