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Trend Report–Week of 3/4/2016: Patchwork Fur

As fashion month wraps up and the winter temperatures gradually disappear (the groundhog said spring would come early, dammit!), it is time to take a moment and look back on the trends that kept us feeling warm and looking hot. Throughout the month of February, one trend dominated the Street Style Elite and the fast fashion junkies: multicolored, patchwork fur. Bill Cunningham noticed it occurring on runways and guests at NYFW as well.

At first, this trend put a sour taste in my mouth—I thought the random patches of fluorescent hair made an otherwise chic lady look like she was the cause of a crime scene on Sesame Street, and the crazy colors made this expensive wardrobe addition not very versatile. But as fashion month trekked on and I saw more ladies adding an element of fun to their basic black and denim outfits, I saw some coats that Penny Lane would covet. While I am not rushing to buy Fendi’s kaleidoscope coat, I still appreciate the novelty of winter’s party piece.

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