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WIWT: Establishing Presence

At FIT, group projects and class presentations are basic protocol. Wearing all black for group presentations isn’t mandatory, but it’s an easy way to look pulled together and cohesive. When you wear head to toe black for various fashion week events, retail work, and class projects, the color can become less of the chic part of your wardrobe and more mundane and boring… until you get creative. Today, I am wearing a silk dark grey top with a black blazer. I swapped out a basic pair of black slacks and flats for pleather leggings, and heeled ankle boots. Mixing textures is a great way to add an interesting element to an all black ensemble, and keeping the layers simple makes me look refined… even if I threw a PowerPoint together the night before.

#wiwt #winter2016 #fashioninstituteoftechnology #blackblazer #blackbuttonup #pleatherleggings #blackankleboots

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