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Disney World Essentials

If you are planning a short trip to Walt Disney World, here are the activities I think you shouldn’t miss:


  • Picture in front of the castle

  • It’s a Small World, a classic!

  • Jungle Cruise, a hilarious time!

  • One roller coaster: Space Mountain, Runaway Railroad, Splash Mountain, Dwarves Mines, for the thrill of it (thrill of it)

  • Mad Tea Party, pastels and big smiles make for great Instagram pics

  • Meet your favorite Princess/ character

  • Meet Mickey Mouse (the line isn’t always long!)

  • Grab an ice cream cone and watch a parade

  • Chef Mickey’s or another character sit down meal (Chrystal Palace, 1900 Park Faire, Cinderella’s Royal Table)

  • Watch the Wishes Fireworks show


  • Get a drink in Germany (if you are of legal drinking age)

  • Get a pastry from France

  • Get a picture of Mission Space, it’s white during the day, and Technicolor at night (like me)

  • Living with the Land Ride, because earth

  • The Three Caballeros, because it’s just a good time

  • Watch the Flag Twirlers in Italy

  • Ride Spaceship Earth-- the Small World of Epcot


  • Ride the Tower of Terror, IF YOU’RE BRAVE ENOUGH

  • Ride the Rockin Roller Coaster, but eat light before hand, the lines can get long (but it is worth it)

  • See The Indiana Jones or Lights, Motor, Action! Stunt Show

  • Toy Story Midway Mania, but only if you get a Fast Pass

  • Get Pizza at Pizza Planet

  • Toy Story Midway Mania again because your partner beat your score the first time

  • Muppets Vision 3D, always a good laugh

  • Fantasmic! evening show

Check out this video I made to see more from my trip:

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