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WIWT: Surprise! I am in Disney World

College is about learning to have fun on a budget, and using your resources wisely. This week was my Spring Break, and I could seriously use some R&R to get me through the rest of the semester. Although I have a decent view, I wasn’t too keen on spending my week off loafing around my apartment. Anyone who knows me personally knows I am a Disney fanatic, and the Disney Parks are always my go to travel destination (when I have the cash on hand). Thanks to my good friend who works in Magic Kingdom, I was able to get discounted hotel and park tickets for me and my best friend, Francesca; we managed to book a two day trip for just under $400 TOTAL per person for a hotel, flight, park passes, and snacks.

We spent all of the first day in Magic Kingdom. For the sweltering heat with 85% humidity we would be walking around in for over 12 hours, I knew light, breezy clothes and comfortable footwear were a must. I wore a Mickey Mouse cropped tee I got from Forever 21 a few years ago, and black lace shorts. I am fine walking around in my black ankle boots, but this look would also be cute with a pair of Nike flyknits or off-white Converse.

Our second day was just as hot and humid as our first day, but that didn’t stop us from making the most of the day! We were flying home that night, so we only had half the day to bask in Disney’s natural glow. We did breakfast and shopping in Disney Springs (formerly known as Downtown Disney) in the morning, and then spent the afternoon by our hotel’s pool. The day included less rides and more sightseeing and shopping, and it was a nice balance with the high volume of the day before. I wore the same shorts and ankle boots with a lightweight tank top, and threw on my Mickey ears for extra Disney flair. Although the trip was short, it was absolutely everything I wanted for Spring Break this year.

Check out this video I made to see more from my trip:

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