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WIWT: What’s Old is New Again

This week I am showing how to incorporate vintage into your wardrobe without looking like an Annie Hall or Velma street character. My first tactic is the “New Yorker” way—wear it with black. Throwing on black layers and accessories is an easy way to mute an otherwise loud print, and keep everything looking cohesive and chic. My second tactic is to play with proportions. If you have an oversized sweater or jacket, pairing it with form fitting bottoms and simple shoes is a good way to maintain balance. If you are wearing a colorful, patterned pair of pants, a solid colored tank top compliments your look without overwhelming it.

This week I wore two outfits with vintage pieces. My first outfit included an oversized vintage vest with a mock scarf trim which I wore with a black button up, black leggings with leather inserts, and black ankle boots. Later in the week, I wore a vintage dress with a leather jacket (to cover up some of the crazy print) and black loafers. I got compliments on both of my outfits, and to my knowledge no one thought I worked at an organic coffee shop on the weekends.

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