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WIWT: Mixed Up

Every time I wear this outfit I get compliments on how chic and pulled together I look… which explains why I have worn it three times in the last month! This outfit receives high praise is because it mixes a lot of different design elements creating a cool composition. The cropped leather jacket compliments the high rise of the pants, the pop of color works well with the achromatic stripe, and the different fabrics and textures keep the eye moving.

I love these high rise cropped trousers from Zara, and I’ll definitely wear them more in the Fall to match the changing leaves. They automatically elongate my legs when I pair them with low heeled boots, and add a subtle pop of color to an otherwise achromatic outfit. They are great for looking both professional and trendy at work.

#wiwt #spring2016 #leatherjacket #blackankleboots #redpants

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