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Trend Report—Week of 4/22/2016: Messed Up

The pressure is on to #WakeUpLikeThis and be able to walk down the street with a morning glow (even BEFORE you’ve had your morning coffee). Fashion and beauty right now is all about minimalism and “effortless chic.” Athleisure basically lets us wear our pajamas to work, and the “no makeup” makeup look is universally pretty. Thanks to celebrities and influencers like Alexa Chung, Lauren Conrad, Jessica Alba, and Leandra Medine, gently tousled hair is no longer being rejected to Sunday morning bagel runs.

The 2000s were all about relaxed and stick straight hair, but in 2016 perfecting your bed head will make you worthy of a magazine cover. The look is more 70s Boho Queen than LA Beach Girl, and can be achieved with a small amount of mousse at your roots and a large barrel curling iron (or you can just get a natural perm like Julianne Hough). This look gives subtle volume and texture to naturally straight hair, and won’t make you look undone at the end of the day. Bed head means that you can both #WakeUpLikeThis and #GoToSleepLikeThis #Flawless.

For more pictures of this trend, check out my Pinterest board

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