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WIWT: A Fascinating Transition

Just because the temperatures are officially over sixty degrees doesn’t mean I am completely switching out my wardrobe’s staples. My go-to looks consist of button up shirts, fun knitwear, and cropped pants, so finding a way to incorporate skin covering pieces into a summer arsenal has proven to be a little challenging. Until I perfect my Summer outfit formula, my favorite pieces from the Winter are not going anywhere.

Today I am wearing a silk button up that feels great against a soft breeze, and keeps me warm under the chilly office AC. My boyfriend jeans don’t make my knees purple from frostbite anymore, so I plan on wearing them every casual Friday going forward. A leather jacket is already known as the perfect transitional layer, and I think it looks a lot more hip than a waterproof nylon from Patagonia. This look can easily be dressed up for Happy Hour by tucking in the blouse and putting on fancier shoes, and otherwise, I feel like the hippest girl in Starbucks at 3pm. Here’s to hoping I can hold out on switching to cold brew and revealing my unshaven legs for a few more weeks.

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