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Trend Report–Week of 4/29/2016: Prom Special

Most of my readers do not know that I have a special love for eveningwear/ special occasion looks. I think what a woman chooses to wear for a formal event says a lot about her, and I love how women look when they know they look absolutely beautiful. One thing I love about proms in particular is it is one of the first chances a young lady gets to really go all out and dress to impress, and I think it is a really empowering moment in a woman’s life.

Prom dresses have a lot of similarities from year to year, but there is usually one innovative design that stands out; this season is all about the updated halter neck. The look involves two straps (usually covered in sequins and gemstones) that go around the arms and clasp at a single point between the shoulder blades. This creates a beautiful frame around the back without revealing too much in the front. Overall, the look is sexy and sophisticated, which pleases mom and dad and your date.

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