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WIWT: Comfort Food

The last day of the spring semester at FIT is Monday, May 16th. For the month before that blessed Monday, both business and design majors are planning out the perfect finals prep schedule… and not sticking to it at all. I consider myself a professional procrastinator: I write 5 page papers the night before the due date and still finish with a 3.6 GPA. What can I say? I’ve had years of practice. Just because I fabricate citations at 3am, doesn’t mean I am completely horizontal wrapped in my Minnie Mouse blanket. I am usually hogging a cubicle at the library or a counter at my local Starbucks. I cannot focus if I am in pajamas, but I also can’t waste time putting on a bra, let alone a three piece look.

Today’s outfit is both comfortable enough to take a power nap in and cute enough to do a five minute presentation immediately after. The olive pants look like slacks and feel like sweatpants, and the stripes on my turtleneck imply that I AM awake enough to pull off a bold pattern at 9am. To complete my look, I am accessorizing with a grande red-eye, oversized sunglasses, and a pout that says “I am not approachable, and I do not want to compare study guides.”

In order to consider passing my finals with flying colors, this will be my last “What I Wore Today” post until mid-May. For everyone in school right now, I hope you have a healthy finals season. For my readers whom are not in school, please spend time outside in the beautiful weather on my behalf.

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