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WIWT: Kindergarten

To celebrate the 80 degree weather and being one of the last people in my social circle that isn’t 21 yet, I decided to dress like the coolest five year old on the playground.

My bubblegum pink shorts remind all of the other kids that if they want sour skittles, they come to me first. The high waist of the shorts also detracts from my pasty, unshaven legs.

These sunglasses were an impulse buy from American Eagle last weekend, and are a great way to show the rest of the kids in my Gymboree class that I am way too cool for a basic pair of Wayfarers. I spent a whopping $11 plus tax on them, and I plan on wearing them literally everyday this summer to get my money’s worth.

My purple backpack holds my adult coloring book and 96 pack of crayons. It is lightweight enough that I can sprint to the ice cream truck for a Choco Taco and slam down the $3.25 in quarters I got for helping dad clean the pool.

I plan on spending my summer before senior year doing a lot of bubble blowing and beach sitting, and pretending the inevitability of paying off my student debt will not send me into a downward spiral of anxiety in the semesters to come.

#wiwt #summer2016 #heartsunglasses

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