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Trend Report– Week of 5/27/2016: BOOCH

Really fun to say and really pretentious to make from scratch, Kombucha (kom-BOO-Chuh) is sweeping the lines of Whole Foods across America. In its simplest form, Kombucha is a “fermented sweet tea.” It is known to provide a number of health benefits including reducing blood pressure, helping digestion, detoxifying your liver, and probably curing cancer (but only if you buy local), and the Russians and Chinese have been making it for centuries.

My boyfriend, a professional health nut, started drinking Cayenne Lemon Ginger Kombucha a few months ago, and I wrote it off as a weird supplement that only he would find in the depths of the Whole Foods stock room. A few weeks after he introduced it to me, two girls at my internship started bringing a sweeter Pink Lady Apple flavor every day and claimed it changed their lives. The same week, Abbi Jacobson got drunk off of alcoholic Kombucha on that week’s Broad City episode. Since three is a trend, I searched for the recipe on Pinterest and found out the Real Housewives of DIY have already found ways to make it gluten free and eco-friendly. While I don’t recommend serving it at your Memorial Day Barbeque, it might be a good way to cleanse yourself to a hot summer bod.

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