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WIWT: In The Navy

To be honest, the 4th of July is probably my least favorite holiday. I loved it as a kid when I lived in suburban New Jersey, but now I feel like I am too old to do kiddie stuff but too young to do legitimate adult things. I can’t watch my town’s local parade or make my mom buy me an overpriced funnel cake, and I also can’t host a barbecue in my own backyard. I have retired from Old Navy flag shirts, but I have yet to grow into Ralph Lauren’s Resort collection.

Even though my plans are lame and I am starting to think that fireworks are a bit too extra, I love an excuse to dress up with a theme. Most of my wardrobe is white and blue, so it was easy to mix and match and throw on a red lip.

I really like that this dress from Reformation looks like a romper, and I think the navy color is more versatile than cobalt, and more functional than white (mustard stains anyone?). White sneakers are trendy and boardwalk ready– and keep your look #SummerCasual

I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend, and may you all have a fun and safe Fourth of July :D

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