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WIWT: Acting the Part

The modern theatre atmosphere is certainly not what it was 60 years ago. Women are no longer wearing shiny shoes and fancy furs to see a Broadway show, and while comfort and accessibility are important, the art of seeing a live performance is something I think New Yorkers reconsider. Putting effort into your appearance is a way to show respect to the performers and production crew, and it ensures that you are well dressed for whatever else your night holds (after party drinks, a ronde vu with an ensemble dancer, etc.)

When choosing what to wear to a Broadway show, I dress as if I am going on a first date that I am excited about. I don’t want to throw on a pair of high heels or a tight skirt and be uncomfortable sitting for three hours, but I put on something from the “nice” side of my closet.

I saw She Loves Me starring Zachary Levi and Jane Krakowski last Saturday evening (which sadly closes on the 10th) and I wore a summer dress from J.Crew with my favorite white sandals. I might not have worn an A-line dress on a first date, but I would definitely wear this look to a work related function, which I think is also acceptable. I got to meet Zachary Levi (aka my favorite Disney prince: Flynn Ryder from Tangled), and while I only got a quick selfie and autograph, I was glad I looked my best.

#wiwt #summer2016 #whitesandals #stripeddress

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