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WIWT: Proper Proportion Size

I bought these pants from Zara’s clearance section back in April. I like that the pants have both a cropped wide leg and a high waist, and the color is easy to pair with neutrals. They are lightweight, so I can wear them to run errands without wanting to rip my legs off.

In the Spring, I only felt comfortable wearing these pants with higher heels because I was scared the hemline made me look short. This month’s heat lets me experiment with sleeveless crop tops so having my arms free and a little bit of torso showing keeps my silhouette open enough to get away with wearing flats.

Summer time for twentysomethings is an exciting chance to push the boundaries of what is socially acceptable to wear in public. Off-beat pieces and showing skin are a-okay at Central Park and your local coffee joint, and you should be taking advantage of the opportunity to try something new.

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