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WIWT: Jump For Joy

As the sun begins to set over the summer season, I have felt rushed to get the most out of my “super summery” wardrobe pieces, that despite what tells me, will not transition well into Fall. Back in March (when I was still jumping over slush puddles) I come across a beautiful Yumi Kim jumpsuit for an amazing price at a second hand store. I bought it with the intention of saving it for a special event over the summer. Come mid august, that “special event” became “Summer is almost over! WHAT IS THAT in the back of my closet?! I must wear this immediately before it’s too late!”

In addition to milking every drop out of my summer florals, I have been trying to squeeze in a few more New York day trips that just aren’t worth the subway ride once the days start to get shorter. Last week, I took Yumi Kim (and my boyfriend) to Coney Island for nice walk on the boardwalk (and a Nathan’s Hot Dog, of course). The Aquarium was lack luster and the Wonder Wheel cost a whopping seven dollars, but it was still definitely worth leaving my Harlem apartment for. My favorite part of the boardwalk was the outdoor graffiti gallery featuring contemporary street artists from the Seventies to the present, which I thought was the perfect backdrop for an outfit pic.

For statement pieces, it is crucial to avoid over styling. Since my floral jumpsuit is very “loud,” I threw my hair up in a bun and wore a neutral pair of sandals to avoid looking convoluted. Here are some jumpsuits that will look great with a cardigan and ankle boots during the upcoming “transitional” months.

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