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Trend Report—Week of 9/11/2015: Button Up, Buttercup

Saying “70s Revival” is trending for Fall is like saying ice cream on a warm brownie is a great dessert: everyone knows already and me telling you is a waste of my text box. A great component to the 70s look—like caramel drizzle on your brownie—is the A-line, button up skirt. While the shape and length is pretty uniform in stores, the fabrics and styling come in a wide range, allowing shoppers to incorporate the skirt into their fall wardrobe. Blue denim, suede, and corduroy are the main fabrics seen, and the colors range in a variety of neutral tones and fall hues such as maroon, olive, and camel.

The mini skirt length can deter potential shoppers from buying—in fear of looking too inappropriate and junior—but the stiff structure and lux fabrics make the skirt chic, and the buttons or snaps down the front make the skirt a playful update to the skater skirts we have seen the past few seasons. I would pair the skirt with either knee high boots and a blanket scarf, or thigh high socks with mary-jane flats and a chunky cardigan, and Penny Lane would give me the stamp of approval for sure.

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