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WIWT: Cheers to 2016

New Year’s Eve is an evening dedicated to partying with your best buds, reminiscing on the year past and anticipating the year to come. When the clock strikes midnight, you take a shot of happiness and kiss your best friend (or a total stranger). To me, a New Year’s Eve party outfit needs to be three things: black, sparkly, and sexy.

This year, I incorporated these three elements into my established preppy tomboy aesthetic. Instead of wearing a little black dress like I have for previous years, I decided to wear pleather leggings with an embellished, collared blouse and a blazer. With a pair of heels and some red lipstick, I felt hot and looked like a classic babe (at least that’s what my boyfriend told me). After a full week of “finals detox” in my pajamas, it felt good to spend a little extra time dolling myself up to go out on the town.

#newyearseve #wiwt #winter2016 #blackblazer #pleatherleggings #blackheels

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