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WIWT: Flying with Style

I don’t fly often for multiple reasons: Airports give me anxiety, and I don’t have a lot of time or extra money to travel during the school year. When I am flying, I like to pretend I am some hot celebrity that is going to be photographed for every tabloid, or I am on my way to very important business meeting, and I need to look pulled together at all times in case I see a familiar face. Arriving to your destination dressed for the day is the best way to start your vacation.

I was invited to my boyfriend’s mom’s wedding this Saturday, so today I am flying to Dallas, TX for a long weekend. For my morning flight, I am wearing a striped T-shirt with black JOE’S Jeans which feel like leggings. Airplanes tend to get chilly, so I layered my outfit with a denim button up and bomber jacket. My ankle boots are easy to slip on and off during the TSA screening, and since they are the chunkiest shoe I brought, it made sense to wear them instead of shoving them in my already stuffed carry-on. Here’s to a fabulous weekend!

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