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Life Update: What’s My Major Again?

As many of you know, I am about to start my fourth and final year at the Fashion Institute of Technology. I frequently write about balancing my work and student life (and what I wore while doing it), but I rarely discuss my major and classes.

I got my Associates degree in Fashion Merchandising and Management, which concentrates on the corporate retail aspects of the industry. FMM core classes focus on retail math and product development as well as strengthening leadership skills and cultural awareness. My favorite classes in the program focused on the creative aspects of retail, which kept me going through the economics classes I was required to take. Fashion forecasting, fundamentals of textiles, fashion merchandising and creative fashion presentations allowed me to see how creative decisions affected overall success of a business.

Although I enjoy the creative side of the industry, I wanted to have a degree that gave me a core business background. For my Bachelors, I switched into the Entrepreneurship program. I do not have a desire to start my own business immediately after graduation, but I like that the entrepreneurial skills the program focuses on can translate to any job position after college. The Entrepreneurship program teaches you how to take your piece of a company—however big or small that is—and treat it as your own business you want to see develop and grow.

Overall, I really value the education I am receiving from FIT, and the doors that my degree will open post graduation are incomparable. I would be lying if I said I am not terrified of what my senior year will hold, but I am ready to embrace whatever is in store. Here’s to a fabulous fall semester!!

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