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WIWT: Last First Day of School

This week marked my last first day of school ever. When you graduate pre-school, you can’t even visualize your high school graduation, let alone your final year of college. Grade school Riley would see me at the supermarket and think I am a real adult and probably married to Zac Efron. The whole thing is a little surreal, but I am not sitting here thinking “Man! Ferris Bueller was right! I wish I looked around more.” I have felt every minute of this journey, and I would not have it any other way.

This semester, I have classes three days a week. Each day I wanted to wear an outfit that paid homage to my grade school fashion choices. The first day, I wore an oversized Calvin Klein Jeans button up as a dress with ankle boots. I am very sure Stephanie Tanner also had this shirt, and she also brought the attitude with it.

For the second day, I wore black high waisted jeans with my favorite white sandals and a vintage t-shirt. Even though I preferred playing with Barbies as a kid, there are many more pictures of me in old t-shirts than of frilly dresses. I preferred the mobility when jumping off the swings, so my mom stopped trying to get me into sundresses by the time I was seven.

And on the third day, I wore the modern version of my pre-school school picture. A pair of white sneakers never goes out of style, but I am jealous of the Velcro on four-year-old me’s Keds. I love this ivory sweater tunic from J.Crew, and I will definitely continue to wear it over turtlenecks and leggings when the temperatures start to drop. This outfit is definitely my favorite out of the three because it looks extra polished without looking like I stepped out of a conference room.

As I have said before, I cannot wait to see what my last year at FIT brings, and I hope it doesn’t fly by before I have a chance to stop and look around. I hope you all have a great semester!!

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