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WIWT: Photogenic Feels

This week is New York Fashion Week and even though I am not darting back and forth to Roosevelt Island, SoHo, and the West Village, there are still cute pop up events that anyone can attend. This weekend I went to Refinery 29’s annual free exhibition: 29 Rooms. A warehouse in Brooklyn was transformed into (you guessed it) 29 sponsored rooms that promoted feminism, freedom of expression, and Instagram likes.

It is always nice to get a cute photo op when you are doing cheesy touristy things in the city, and one of the ways to get that quality, memorable picture is strategic outfit planning. This may sound shallow, but I promise it takes very little additional effort. The key is to know the scenery of your destination and then wear something that compliments the location.

For example, 29 Rooms had a lot of moody lighting and graphic colors, so I wore a basic white tank top and straight leg jeans. If I wore a patterned dress with a lot of volume, I would clash with the rooms and any photos I took would have looked overwhelmed.

Simple silhouettes and neutral colors are an easy way to make sure you won’t clash, but in some instances it helps to wear something bold. If I were going to the Brooklyn Piers or Meatpacking District where there is more of an industrial background, I would wear a simple pattern in a brighter color to stand out against the skyscrapers and exposed brick. No matter where I am going, I always like to look it up on Instagram to figure out what the general vibes are. The fashion week’s street style photographers might pass me by, but at least I know I look my best.

#wiwt #fall2016 #nyfw #straightlegjeans

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