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NYFW Trend Report—What’s Gucci

During fall fashion week, editors, celebrities, and bloggers dress up to prove that they know what they are talking about and they have mastered the art of personal style. Standout accessories are an easy way show your worth (literally and figuratively) and it is commonplace to expect to see multiple people wearing the same jacket/ shoe/ scarf/ bag. I remember February it seemed like everyone was wearing the nude Chanel sling backs, and the Chloe Drew bag was really popular last September.

This season, a customizable Gucci Dionysus bag is the accessory to be seen with. Luxury DIY has been an emerging trend for a while now (see Anya Hindmarch stickers) and the customizable linings, hardware, and patchwork is the perfect solution for the fashion elite to feel like an individual while still being part of the club. While I am a long way away from paying for a one of a kind Gucci bag, I am excited to see the customization option continue to trickle down.

#nyfw #fall2016 #trendreport

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