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WIWT: Lost in Transition

Every fall, I force myself to wait until October 1st to start wearing sweaters because I know once the temperature dips, I will be wearing nothing but turtlenecks and cable knits for the next six months. I know by February I will be craving sun dresses and bare shoulders again, which is why I make myself put off opening the winter bin. But during that short period after fashion week is over and before the leaves start to change, it is a cool 72 degrees out and all I want to do is disappear in cashmere and big scarves.

Today I am wearing a compromise outfit. I am wearing a long sleeved t-shirt with a silk scarf, and flats instead of the sweater, blanket scarf, and ankle boots my soul thinks it craves. This allows me to not overheat in the sunlight (which, let’s be honest, is still 78 degrees at 3pm) while letting myself banish denim shorts and silk tank tops to the bins under my bed. I can not wait to spam my Instagram followers with #SweaterWeatherLewks and #AutumnalAesthetic activities, but for now let us all embrace walking outside with only one layer on.

Here are some tops that will get you through the next few weeks:

Urban Outfitters // Wildfox // Splendid // Comme des Garcons PLAY

#wiwt #fall2016 #mcqueenscarf

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