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How to be Basic

While I don’t consider my personal style to be on the forefront of cutting edge, avant garde street fashion, I do think it has evolved past the Pinterest Polyvore collages. But when it comes to the perfect apple and pumpkin picking outfit, I strive to look as “basic” as possible.

My guilty pleasure is flipping through the stylized, autumnal pictures including duck boots surrounded by colored leaves, blue eyes peering between a grey beanie and a plaid blanket scarf, and soft mittens holding a Starbucks Pumpkin Spiced Latte. I crave that carefree bonfire lifestyle, and the one afternoon every fall that I drag my boyfriend to my hometown’s farm I pretend that lifestyle is my norm.

This weekend I wore a plaid shirt, dark skinny jeans, and a cardigan that matched the thick socks strategically peeking out from my navy duck boots. I felt equal parts “basic,” cozy, and stylish, and at the end of the day I even got some good apples for baking.

Here are some “basic” fall essentials for your #AutumnalAesthetic:

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