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Trend Report--Week of 9/30/2016: Cut and Cuffed

As the Fall Fashion Month starts to wrap up and the temperatures continue to drop, the average shopper heads to the department stores to replenish their wardrobe for fall weather. Fashion month street style showed the emergence of two major denim styles: Cuffed, wide leg jeans and vintage inspired denim skirts.

Denim culottes attempted to be the “statement denim” to BUY NOW! last fall, but most women wanted to get more of an investment out of their $200 pair of jeans. The compromise has trickled into stores now: instead, women are buying straight or wide leg denim and cuffing them up to the mid thigh. The single fold means that the hem remains loose around the ankles instead of tightly rolled into itself, and the length is adjustable with the current prevailing fashion trend.

Last fall, the denim skirt with buttons down the front was insanely popular—especially among fast fashion retailers. This fall the buttons have disappeared, but the mid-thigh length has stayed; and the modern denim skirt closer resembles a pair of 501 jeans re-purposed to meet your feminine needs. Even though modern fashion is moving closer and closer to early 2000's style, don’t worry, the frayed denim mini skirt is still as much as a faux pas as platform flip flops.

Here is some fall denim to shop now:


Levis // Urban Outfitters // J Brand // Paige


H&M // American Apparel // Nasty Gal // Tommy Hilfiger

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