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Happy Sweater Weather the First

I followed through on the unnecessary promise I made to myself and waited until October 1st to break out the heavy knits. While my extra spooky friends were celebrating the first day of Halloween, I was celebrating the first day of wrapping myself in wool cashmere blends and flapping my arms around in long sleeves.

Today, I wore a black turtleneck with simple black pants and shoes that are the same color as my Pumpkin Spiced Latte. In the morning, I went the extra mile and wore a black windowpane blanket scarf to feel extra #Autumnal. I like that this sweater is long enough to wear with leggings, but it fits me so well that I look like I made an effort. I did try to embrace the Halloweeniness by wearing all black, but I don’t think people exactly mistook me for Winona Ryder.

Here are some black sweaters for the foundation of your sweater collection:

Madewell // Everlane // Vince // Halston Heritage

#wiwt #fall2016 #blacksweater #blackpants #leopardshoes

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