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WIWT: Halloween Special 2016

Fall is definitely my favorite time of year. I go nuts for twirling around in leaves blowing in the crisp wind, stuffing my face with as much pumpkin and salted caramel as I can handle, and planning the perfect Halloween costume. Christmas is my favorite holiday, but I always make sure to send out the fall season with a bang.

My costumes usually focus around famous celebrities or movie characters instead of objects, plays on words, current pop culture references or blatant cultural appropriation. This Halloweekend, I am attending two house parties (err, apartment parties), and I have two costumes planned.

My first costume for Saturday the 29th is Twiggy, the famous 1960s British model. I am trying to take advantage of my pixie cut, and luckily I have the same build as the OG supermodel. My dress is actually my grandma’s from the 60s, and my makeup was pretty easy to replicate from a short YouTube video.

Halloween is actually me and my boyfriend’s anniversary, so convincing him to do a couple’s costume wasn’t really hard. Using our haircuts as inspiration, we went as Harry Potter and Ron Weasley. My roommate got me Ron’s “R” sweater from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter when she studied abroad, so I happily took advantage of being warm on Halloween.

#wiwt #fall2016 #halloween

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