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2016 Holiday Gift Guide

After the Thanksgiving leftovers are put away, the big question, “So what do you want for [December Holiday of your choice] this year??” comes at you full speed. My materialistic self always has a perpetual wish list, but when someone asks me to articulate it, I often fall flat. I understand that buying the “perfect gift” for someone is hard when you have a tight budget and arbitrary guidelines. I always try to get something that they don’t already have or wouldn’t mind having a duplicate of, and they would actually use (small budgets can’t be wasted on gag gifts). Here are ten ideas under $50 and ten under $20 that are sure to please everyone on your list.

UNDER $50:

1. Flannel Shirt: A classic button up in neutral colors is something everyone should have in their closet, and the loose cut helps you avoid having to exchange it for a different size.

2. Swell Bottle: These bottles come in a plethora of colors and patterns, and are ideal for your coffee connoisseurs and gym rats.

3. Blanket Scarf: These also can be found in a wide variety of colors and patterns, and are sure to make a statement (or just keep you warm).

4. Ugg Socks: No one liked getting socks for Christmas as a kid, but when you hit the old age of 22 your feet are magically always cold! These socks from Ugg are cute, cozy, and definitely worth the splurge.

5. Pinot Noir from Titus Andromedon: When in doubt, just bring wine.

6. Calvin Klein Underwear: In our daily lives it’s hard to justify spending more than 5 for $27 on underwear, so this perfect for someone who wouldn’t get this themselves.

7. Throw Blanket: My best friend got me a small, monogrammed blanket a few years ago, and I always love taking it with me when I am spending the night not in my own bed.

8. Basic Sweater: Like the flannel, a basic sweater is something you can’t have too many of in your closet, and one in a natural fiber like cotton or wool is sure to last.

9. Winter Gloves: I can’t go one winter without losing my gloves on the subway, so having an extra pair is always a bonus.

10. Vans Authentic: I normally wouldn’t suggest buying shoes as a gift, but these classic canvas sneakers make a great “around the house” pair.

UNDER $20:

1. Coffee Table Book: These books are a great way to show that not only do you have a personality, but you also are well read. Here are some other coffee table books I enjoy: 1 // 2 // 3

2. Adult Coloring Book: You may only do one or two pages of this, but it is still a great way to relax and get back to your childhood creativity.

3. Striped T-Shirt: This versatile shirt can be easily incorporated into any wardrobe.

4. Starbucks Mug: Whether you prefer coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, a cute mug is always a fan favorite.

5. Lush Bath Bomb: At only $6 per bomb, these are a perfect stocking stuffer for literally anyone with a bathtub.

6. Blank Stationary Set: These are extremely customizable, and are bound to be used at some point during the year.

7: Letter Wall Décor: To satisfy your DIY cravings, this décor is both customizable and generic enough for anyone’s interior tastes.

8. Yankee Candle: Remember, the size of the candle = how much you love them.

9. Pom-pom Hat: Like gloves, you can’t have too many spare winter hats.

10. French Press: These vary in size, price, and quality, but you can still find a decent one for under $20.

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