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Doing Pretty Well Overall

My fall semester does not end until December 20th and I still have a bunch of papers to write and exams to study for. This is the first finals season since my very first semester of college that I am not stressed out by the length of my to do list, and I am thankful that after all of this time I finally developed some time management skills. With that being said I still have jam-packed days, and I hate wasting time on picking out what to wear in the morning.

Today I am wearing overalls with a striped cropped t-shirt, tall black ankle boots, and a leather jacket. I just got these overalls from Buffalo Exchange, and I think this is the third day in a row that I am wearing them. Overalls are more interesting than a pair of black jeans, and these match every long sleeved t-shirt that I own. The denim is really soft, so I have no problem wearing them when I need to be at the library until midnight.

Here are some overalls to make it look like you cared about your appearance:

Paige Denim // TopShop // GAP

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