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Week of 12/9/2016: Feeling a Little Uneven

During back to school season, denim did not perform as well as it had in previous years, but as the temperatures finally begin to drop, the stylish women of New York are looking for new ways to distress and embellish their favorite pair of winter blue jeans.

The more timid fashionista is quietly adjusting the hemline of their straight leg jeans into a distressed high-low look. This shows off her chunky footwear while also sliming her ankles. The uneven hem denim is commonly paired with heeled ankle boots and can also be worn with a simple pair of loafers or sneakers. Like most denim trends, you can either learn how to DIY the look, or buy them pre-distressed.

Here are some trendy jeans to shop now:

Frame // GRLFRND

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