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Giving back is Always in Style

If you are looking for a last minute gift or looking for a positive way to use some of your Christmas cash, here are four charities to consider supporting this holiday season:

1) Help for Flint

The Cause: Flint, Michigan learned in April 2014 that their local water supply had been contaminated with poisonous levels of lead from corroding pipelines. This has caused a series of health problems for both children and adults, and today Flint’s residents still do not have public access to clean drinking water.

How You Can Help: A monetary donation will go towards purchasing water filters, bottled water, emergency services and other efforts to prevent further contamination.

2) Planned Parenthood

The Cause: Planned Parenthood is a health care provider that allows women and men free access to multiple forms of contraception, pre and post-natal health care, STI and cancer screenings and treatment options, and sexual health education.

How You Can Help: Planned Parenthood lost its federal funding in late 2015, continues to struggle to keep all of its clinics open. Since clinics are operated through volunteering medical professionals, monetary donations help cover the operational costs to continue providing affordable sexual healthcare options to women and men.

3) Preemptive Love Coalition

The Cause: As of December 2016, pro-government groups in Syria have taken control of Rebel controlled neighborhoods in Aleppo, and have started killing civilians on sight in attempt to regain control of one of Syria’s major city.

How You Can Help: A monetary donation funds the basic needs of displaced people, including medical care, shelter, food and water, and helps rebuild lives through work opportunities and child education. Just a few miles outside Aleppo, they are already feeding more than 20,000 people and providing shelter and warmth for those without homes.

4) Conscious Period

The Cause: Over 25 million women in the United States cannot afford period products, and the US Government taxes tampons and pads as a luxury product so they are not covered under assistance programs like food stamps.

How You Can Help: For every box of organic cotton pads or tampons purchased, the organization donates one box of pads to women in need and support a business that hopes to soon employ women in need in their manufacturing plant.

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